Yahoo acquires URL shortener

Bread URL Acquired by Yahoo , a great service to cut your lengthy URLs short and generate advertising messages for the links generated, so that users shall click these links, get posts for about five seconds, then moving the contents of the original web address.

Well, just know that this shortening and becomes part of Yahoo, which recently acquired, without at the moment has revealed the terms of the agreement. That said, if someone was using, you know your main service has closed its doors, and that the generated links remain available for a maximum period of 30 days, then disappeared. Yes, it recommends that users shall migrate their links immediately either to or CEO, Alan Chan, reports that through the web:

Bread When we launched in 2011, our goal was to help influencer and social media publishers better monetize their online content. At Yahoo, we found a company that shares our vision. We are excited to be part of the advertising team Yahoo in Sunnyvale, where we will be working on developing next generation solutions for publishers and advertisers social and mobile.

Logically, from now on, any time new data may appear on this acquisition, which will be waiting to know more and integration that would within Yahoo itself.

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