Using #Hashtags on Facebook

How to promote content on facebook using hashtagsAt last now Facebook also introduced Hashtags to its users for getting connected to a thread discussion just the Twitter, Google+ Pinterest and Instagram.

According to Facebook, roughly around 100 million users from US only gets engaged during the prime time television which is almost equal to the Super Bowl audience in size every night. Over 65 million interaction we observed which included likes, comments, replies and posts this year for the Oscars.

How #Hashtags Work in Facebook

Hashtags can be seen all across Facebook i.e. in the timeline, groups and graph searches. As a hashtag is clicked, a stream of content based on it opens in popup where you would be able to see posts weighting higher shared by your friends as compared to the others. It helps cross social communication easier along with keeping you to stay updated with the social updates related to a particular topic e.g. #Startups #EgyptTahreekTower etc. from all across the social network.

 Although Facebook has not introduced any mechanism of identifying the trending hashtags like twitter did but most likely they will at a later stage.

Using a Hashtag on Facebook

Put #keywordofyourchoice in front, mid or end of the post which you are going to update anywhere on Facebook i.e. groups, timeline or pages. Once the post it published the text with (#) will become a clickable link. However, try using maximum two hashtags in each post of yours, as adding in more hashtags will not make it look good as well as gives a spammy feel. However, it is suggested to choose a unique remember able hashtag for your brand campaign and keep it short. Try to insert in trending hashtags may be by having a look at Twitter trends or what’s currently rising at Google+.

Follow this way, if you wish to learn about #Hashtagging from searching to choosing and engaging your fans online. 

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