Tools That Will Make Life Easier For a Social Media Manager

Tools That Will Make Life Easier For a Social Media Manager

If you are using the craft of social media know that the time to spare is not enough: constant updates and continuous monitoring of performance are just two of the activities that take you away minutes, minutes and minutes. So you need to know how to choose the right tools that can simplify the daily work of making you reach, more simply, the goals that have been set.

You can take a cue from this post for some simple but essential questions that are useful to build a digital communications strategy effectively.


Followerwonk is specific Twitter tool that allows you to search inside profiles and / or biographies through the choice of keywords. Moreover, it helps to build lists of potential influencers for example, you are interested in getting connected with a “fashion editor”, by using these two words in the search it will show the list of those who used them in their own profiles. Traackr is a tool similar as of Followerwonk, it helps to create specific lists of influencers, however, not only based on keywords, but any other criteria you choose, either geographic or thematic.


SEMRush is a tool that allows you to find (for a fee) all the keywords for which a site is classified. Moz’s Fresh Web Explorer, track the latest keywords allowing us to understand the buzz capital – “as we speak “- that is being developed around a brand, topic, or, indeed, around the words themselves.


Hootsuite is perhaps one of the most popular tools that allows you to schedule posts in advance. If so, just by chance, your boss wants to control every word that tear down will be enough to make logging in, read (change) and accepts what you have written before publication. Kapost is a tool that allows you to plan very complex campaigns, following and controlling the content produced by those who work there and keeping track of every action through a centralized calendar. Through its interface, for example, you can assign each person involved in the campaign tasks, objectives and deadlines that can be kept under constant review. Spreadfast is great to plan, execute and monitor interactive experiences made ​​through social media. The platform allows, for example, to plan campaigns in real time and to understand the impact social; allows you to organize the contest, to identify topics and conversations that brands can use to foster collaboration of users in the co-creation of content and ideas.


Socialbakers provides a simple way of measuring, comparing and contrasting insights such as the growth of its online community during the month or the social behavior of their brand from that of competitors.

Netbase and Talkwalker  can be used to track your target audience to identify keywords with useful content to write as well as to monitor conversations about your brand and quotes. There are two tools that can provide insight to understand, for example, what has meant that its audience has changed from passive to active – whether that is entered into conversations – in which geographical areas is done in this step and what specific time intervals . All information that you suggest what, how and when to publish to get the best results.

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