Tips by Google AdSense to Improve Website & Maximize Revenue

Google Adsense took an initiative to help the webmaster improve their websites and make it a great value for the end users. During this whole activity three message were send by them each week, which were based on tips for creating quality websites to keep the Adsense accounts in good standing and helped in maximizing the revenue.

I thought of posting it on my blog to share it with you and help you improve as well. Let’s take a look at what they sent me.

Create Original and Interesting Content

Unique and Quality Content

  • Build up information rich useful site.
  • Be unique — Try not to put up auto-generated plagiarized content on your website.
  • Be imaginative — Regardless of hundreds of thousands websites sharing the same information there is always a unique way of presenting your own point of view. Think about presenting your content creatively.
  • Briefly describe — Make sure that your content is described clearly and accurately.
  • Engage users — Collect feedback from your users and show them that you care about them by modifying the feature available on your site according to the provided feedback.

Effective Layout & Clear Navigation

Effective Layout and Easy Navigation


  • Make unique, précised yet informative page titles for the pages on your website.
  • Meta description shall explain what users will be able to find on the page. Try using keywords and supportive words within the meta tags of your pages.
  • Rewrite the URLs to make them search engine friendly yet make them easy for the users to understand as well.


  • Make it easy for the users to navigate and find the content easily available on your site.
  • Make hierarchy for your content which makes it easy for the users to flow along and explore your site’s content.
  • Try to keep all your content and navigation in text format rather than flash etc. and if you wish to enhance it use Javascript.
  • Don’t forget to give title and use alternative text (ALTtags) for images.

Offer Great User Experience

Offer Great User Expeirence

This is one of the most important section within this whole article as user experience is the key for converting a website into a giant, so it is always suggested to look at your site with the eyes of your target audience. Try to resolve all those issues which hurts the user experience on a website i.e. design, content, page speed, site support and meeting the expectation of your visitors in every possible manner.

There is a video shared by Google Adsense on creating a positive user experience that goes beyond the design which you can check here.

Some sources shared by Google Adsense to help building quality website and improve the user experience.

  1. Webmaster Academy to help you create great sites that perform well in Google search results.
  2. Webinar for web masters or website managers.
  3. Video tutorials on Google Website Optimizer, A/B Experiments and Multivariate experiments.
  4. Analytics flow visualization to analyze your website’s insights graphically and get familiar with flow of visitors across the pages available on your site through Google Analytics.

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