The Path to Promoting a Successful Business

Promotional Marketing Strategy for small startup businessWhen it comes to building a successful business the key to remember is advertising. Advertisements on the Internet, in the newspaper, as well as television and radio commercials are just some of the ways to go about this. The idea behind the advertising is to present information to customers both new and old, to increase the demand for your product or service, and to differentiate your product from all of the others on the market. Basically what is it that your business has, that the other guys don’t. One of the best ways to achieve this result is through the use of promotional marketing.

What is promotional marketing?

The goal of promo marketing is to get the attention of new customers while increasing the business with the current ones. One way to go about this is the use of promotional products. Almost everything product you see today has some form of promotional incentive attached. From soft drinks to lawn care, promotions are worked into everything in the form of discounts, prizes or giveaways, or a special contest entry. All of these offerings can be classified as promo products, as it’s promoting the business it represents.

Why use promotional marketing when we could just advertise?

The value of promotional marketing can be seen at a variety of places like home and craft shows, even job fairs use various promotional items to get your attention to apply. Here, the goal is to make people remember your business. Free snacks, pens branded with your company logo and phone number are great ways to stick in the back of your potential customers minds. One of the best ways to be remembered is to use cleverly designed eco-friendly promotional products. The novelty alone will make your be remembered, but the eco-friendly aspect will also help customers identify with the fact that your company cares about them and the environment. That can be considered an advertising double-whammy, which greatly increases the value of promotional products.

Wouldn’t giving away free stuff be expensive?

Not necessarily. Little things like pens and other advertising items can be relatively cheap to produce. Offering discounts is also a very cost effective way to promote your business. The goal is to draw in new customers and remind the current ones of why it is they are using your service or product. Promotional advertisements that offer discounts is a fantastic way to do this. People who aren’t familiar with your company will be more likely to stop in since they get to save a little money. People who are familiar with you are more likely to come back. Sometimes sooner than they normally would if the service you offer is a little more time sensitive. If done successfully, the cost of the discounts or promotional freebies is offset by the influx of business. To make a good thing even better, when your new customers are happy with your service or products they are more likely to return. If they do return, chances are good they’ll tell a friend, which will increase the initial investment on your promotional advertising. In the end, remember this: Give a little, get a lot.

Promotional Marketing for small startup business

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