The Cherokee Language now in Gmail

Today, Google announced its 57th supported language in Gmail in a post ??? ??????? ?? Gmail ??? i.e. “Get Started with Gmail in Cherokee”. It’s a Native American tribal language, which has been added in Gmail now but got incorporated in Google search back in March, 2011.

According to a survey conducted in 2002, it has been found that no one under the age of 40 speaks conversational Cherokee due to which the nation took an opportunity to encourage the usage of the language on a daily basis among the youngsters through the help of technology.

A software engineer at Google, Craig Cornelius, got connected to a Cherokee National Vance Blackfox who helped the Gmail team to work closely with the volunteers from a university of Cherokee Nation. As a result the Gmail team successfully found and implemented hundreds of right words for Gmail ranging from “sign in” (???? ????) and “inbox” (?????) to “spam” (???).

Google also provided a virtual keyboard for both Gmail and Google Web Search to use the services in Cherokee version. This effort by Google does not only help to preserve the culture and language but also gives a chance of using your language on a daily basis while checking your mails to continue the way that we are.

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