How to take Backup of your WordPress Blog Manually

Taking WordPress blog database manual backup on daily basis is actually a painful process. If you wish to take backup of your WordPress database daily then you should install one of the best database backup plugins for WordPress. It will automatically take backup of your database daily and will make your content secure for you.

Step-by-step Guide to Take WordPress blog Database Backup Manually

Method #1:
1. Login to cPanel and go to phpMyAdmin, which can be found under databases section, click on it.
2. Select the database from the left sidebar which you wish to backup.
3. Click on the tab “Export”
4. Select the export method “Quick”
5. Make sure the export format is “SQL”
6. Click “Go” to get your database backup file downloaded.

Method #2:
1. Login to Cpanel and go to Backups, which can be found under files.
2. Click the database name which you wish to download. Simple isn’t it?

If you are running a WordPress based site, this is something you should really know about.

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