StumbleUpon: New User Guide

Why Use StumbleUpon?

It’s not only a great platform to share content with your friends but is also a great way to discover new and interesting content recommended by other users along with bookmarking the content which you like across the web. Moreover, if you have a website or blog you can probably drive good referral traffic from to your site as according to Mashable StumbleUpon has over 30 million users by now and increasing almost 1 million monthly.

Creating & Setting a Profile

You can join the site either through your Facebook account by authorizing the StumbleUpon app or using the traditional email signup method. However, if you have already created an account using your email and wish to access the account both ways then you’ll need to link both accounts.


StumbleUpon Interests Categories PageThe site will prompt you to select the categories of your interest so that the most relevant content shall be shown up while you are stumbling. However you can always go back to select or remove the interest moreover the site also suggests you some other interest based on your activity.


StumbleUpon DNA-CategoriesThe StumbleDNA is one of the most interesting and unique feature of the site which sum up your activity based on your likes and dislikes and graphically represents what you enjoy stumbling based on percentage. This also allows you to find and connect to the other users who share similar interests as of yours.

Site Navigation & Toolbar

If you wish to become an active user over StumbleUpon or look forward to drive traffic from the site then it is recommended that you should download the StumbleUpon toolbar according to the browser you use mostly.

StumbleUpon TopToolbarOnce you’ve completed the installation following points will be helpful for you to understand how it works:

  • The dark orange button “Stumble” performs an action of Stumbling new pages.
  • Thumbs up and down are used for like and dislike of the page you are visiting. Liking a page will not only store the activity on your profile but will also show you similar pages in the future.
  • +” allows you to add a page to the lists you have. Moreover, you can save the same page into multiple lists.
  • To share a page on other social networks with your friends use the Share button which allows you to share on Facebook, Twitter and Email.
  • Speech bubble icon allows you to view the comments posted over the page.
  • An orange alert will automatically appear as number if you receive some update or a message.
  • Click on the toolbar dropdown to get an access to toolbar options, account setting, update topics, reset password, suggested topics and more.

StumbleUpon Main Page

Stumbleupon Homepage toolbarUpon log into the site you get redirected to the homepage where you find 4 options on the top along with search bar.


The pages which receive comparatively more shares and likes in the areas of your interest are shown in this section. The page is almost of the same style as of Pinterest, click on the content which you wish to see in detail.


This section is similar to the newsfeed of Facebook but not same as here you can find the activity of the stumblers whom you are following along with which the site also shows you the activity of the most popular stumblers assuming that what they liked probably you will like that too.


You’ll see all the pictures, videos and pages which are trending at the moment on the site, This page usually keeps on getting updated to provide you with the most recent popular pages. To explore all which are trending you can hit the stumble button on the page.

The “Trending” tab can also be found on the homepage, between the Activity and Lists tabs. It is denoted by the upwards arrow. The pages shown under this tab are the ones that generate the most buzz on the StumbleUpon website across all interests. This means that you can see which pages people are interested in overall, regardless whether or not these pages align with your expressed interests.


Lists on StumbleUpon works almost the same way as of Pinterest boards which allows you to organize the content you have curated into the lists. The lists are visible to other users too so if you find an interesting list created by a user you can actually subscribe to it by clicking on follow, so as some new content gets added to it you’ll receive a notification.

Start Stumbling

To explore new content there are following ways available:

  • Click the orange button “Stumble” to browse the content according to your earlier mentioned interests.
  • Browse content based on a specific interest by clicking on “Recommendation” button and then click on the interest which you wish to explore.
  • If you wish to share some interesting content in simply click on “Add Page” and insert the required fields. Don’t worry if you’ve choose the wrong category or if you forgot to mention it as StumbleUpon is smart enough to mark the appropriate category by its own.
  • Explore lists created by other users based on specific interest or topics to do so you need to click on “Lists” from the homepage and then choose the desired list to browse the content within it by clicking on “Stumble through this List”

Boost your Content on StumbleUpon through Paid Discovery

Paid Discover StumbleUpon AdvertisingGet your content promoted on StumbleUpon through the paid discovery option if you wish to get better results in less time as well it also helps in gaining more followers as well. Do take a note of it that you can’t promote such pages which sell services or products organically for that you need to pay the site and choose the paid discovery option.

How to Play Around

  • Get the mobile and tablet app to have an access every time and any where some more I personally like the app layout more compared to the web.
  • Create interesting and useful lists as it will not only help you to refer back the useful content in the future but will also help you in gaining more followers.
  • Try to fill in more ever green content rather than that which is time sensitive.
  • Try sharing interesting pages with other stumblers who are following you but not too frequently which shall become annoying to them and they may unfollow you. Check out these tips to stumble like a pro.

Refer to the Glossary section at StumbleUpon for a better understanding of the terms used across the site.

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