How to Start a Customer Service Consulting Business

How to Start a Customer Service Consulting Business

Like any other business customer service consulting business also requires business plan writing and listing down the details of the services you are intending to provide. Consultations for customer services actually help businesses in defining the strategic direction and goals. Consultants help businesses in achieving their goals of customer satisfaction in a cost-effective way by realigning their service strategies and optimizing their staff.

Thinking of starting a Customer Service Consulting Business? The key to success is ample research and planning, says Doyle Salewski, a Bankruptcy attorney in Ottawa.

  1. Make a business plan which shall include executive summary, your short and long-term goals, service offerings, packages and pricing, financial projections and a marketing plan along with budgeting.
  2. Make sure you qualify to deliver according to the need of the customer. Let’s say you plan to give consultancy to a company that offer graphic design services, then it is necessary that your portfolio should contain the customer service calls handling of graphics design service within the area of expertise.
  3. Conduct market research to find out your competitors; try to identify the gap by evaluating your competitor’s strength and weaknesses to get an edge.
  4. Create a portfolio to show your prospects that how you can help their organization to improve their customer service which will help them in client retention. It is observed that info graphics actually helps well in this stage if applicable according to your service offerings as it save a lot of time for both to brief and to understand.
  5. Collect testimonials from the clients you have already gave services to and make sure they shall include that what was their goals and how you helped them meet it. This doesn’t mean strategy as this will not only serve as testimonials but will also help to demonstrate your expertise.
  6. Keep conducting satisfaction surveys with your clients and their customers to measure your success. If you feel that there is some sort of dissatisfaction arising try to solve the issue there and then. It will help you maintaining your reputation within the industry.


  • Try giving out custom quote to your customers and even if you have static prices try not to disclose them over a website as it will kill your leads.
  • Always listen to your client’s problem in details because that is the key which will make you reach to the base of the problem.
  • Try to publish case studies as it will not only help you generate business leads but will also help you in building good reputation within the industry.

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