Secret Recipe of Personal Branding

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Making comments online is not a new thing, obviously over multiple platforms on a daily basis you make several comment over social media such as on Facebook timeline posts, Twitter @ mentions or replies, LinkedIn community feeds or over the blog post that you come across maybe.

Yes, maybe over the blog posts because this happens very often that a post captures our attention in such a way that not only we read the entire article but we do also leave a feedback to the author of it.

Have you ever thought how helpful it could be in terms of Personal Branding?

Must be thinking how, right? Well the practice of Comment Marketing is often underestimated, as it requires a lot of dedicated time in order to return optimum results.

However, my opinion is that its one of the best strategy for personal branding. It has been observed that out of 100 visitors 70 percent reads the comments whereas only 10 percent posts new comments, which actually means that your comment will be read by quiet a lot of people from whom that article has been written by the author.

Here are couple of points you should keep in mind while doing comment marketing for personal branding:

  • Set up a Gravatar for yourself so that people shall recognize you,
  • Follow blogs related to the industry you are in on a local and international level,
  • Don’t put your comments on old blog posts,
  • Try to stay always on top among other commentators by leaving a reply on the post as soon as the post gets publish,
  • Never comment at such sites, which no longer produce quality content,
  • As you’re marketing yourself so don’t post anything stupid or that looks spam e.g. “Nice Post” rather try to add value for the readers of the post,
  • A strong point of for disagreeing leads to an argument, which gets more exposure compared to a positive feedback, however this doesn’t mean you adopt this as a strategy,
  • Many people leave comments at the bottom of the post, just for the sake of it, try not to do so without any knowledge of facts always avoid as that could cause harm to your branding,
  • If you are going to post a lengthy comment, always be sure that its readable by breaking it into paragraphs,

Now I will like to close the topic by advising you to be consistent in this process of personal branding through comment marketing, as consistency is the most important factor in it with correct timings.

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