Search Special Characters or Keywords & Replace them in WordPress

Search Special Characters or Keywords & Replace them in WordPress

Did you just updated your WordPress version and all of sudden weird special characters started appearing in the blog posts across the site which looks something like this “†“, “’”, “??” ?

Or are you willing to rename a keyword or a trying to fix a typo across your WordPress based website?

Well going individually to each post or page scanning through the whole website and manually editing is really a great problem which is nearly impossible for a website that has thousands of pages. But you shouldn’t be worried about it as there is are smart solutions available for it.

WordPress Plugin to Replace Special Characters or Keywords

 search and replace keywords on wordpress

1. Download this plugin for WordPress

2. Extract the searchandreplace.php file 

3. Place this file within the directory wp-content/plugins using FTP.

4. Login to your WordPress site dashboard

5. Go to plugins and install it.

6. You will be able to see a new section named Search and Replace”.

7. Select which sections of the content you wish to perform the changes, enter the characters or keyword to be search under replace text.

8.  Enter the keywords to characters with you wish it to be replaced and click on replace.

Search through MySQL & Replace with PhpMyAdmin

MySQL for WordPress

1. Take backup of your database

2. Go to your database in PhpMyAdmin

3. Click on SQL

4. Copy and paste the following code within the text area

UPDATE wp_posts SET post_content = REPLACE (
'Item to replace here',
'Replacement text here');

5. If you have changed the db prefix from wp_ to something else you may change wp_post accordingly in line 1 of the code above.

6. Place the special character or keyword to search instead of Item to replace here in line 3, upon click Go it will search for this item within the database.

7. Place the word with which you wish to replace it in line 4 instead of Replacement text here

Note: before you hit Go make sure all the text entered is in between the quotes ”.

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