Relevance Score for Ads Launched by Facebook

Facebook has announced that it will be grading ads with score from 1 to 10 based on relevancy of ad content with the target audience. This means the more relevant ad you will create the higher score it will obtain.

Things you should know about the relevancy score for ads on Facebook.

Factors for Facebook Ads Score Calculation

As per Facebook’s statement, the score is based on the positive and negative feedback we expect an ad to receive from its target audience.” This means elements like post views, likes, comments and sharing metrics will be affecting your ads score. The more engagement you’ll have on your ad the more higher score it will receive. Moreover, the relevancy ads score is also available through API.

Facebook Relevancy Ad Score

Pros of Facebook’s Relevant Ads Score

– It will help in lowering the ads costs as Facebook has decided to award discounted rates to advertisers upon creating relevant ads to their target audience.

– It will provide real time testing to the advertisers rather than creating and publishing ads based on assumptions actually you can check the relevancy score prior releasing the ads. This will help you in understanding the target audience’s behavior in much better way hence you will get better results too.

– Through real time metrics you can keep an eye over the ad relevance score moreover it allows you to make changes in order to improve the relevancy score.

Cons of Facebook’s Relevant Ads Score

– Only relevancy score is not sufficient for any advertiser to understand that what it takes to make any ad copy stand out. Moreover, just the score can’t help in answering the question how an ad is working for your specific needs.

– Advertiser cannot completely rely over the relevancy score because there is a possibility that ad might successfully meet its goal however according to Facebook it may not have high score e.g. the goal for an ad was to increase local business sign ups and it successfully meet its goals to increasing sign ups on advertiser’s website however ad score shows low relevancy.

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