How to Register a Home Based Business

How to Register a Home Business

Whether you are running a business as a corporation, sole proprietor, on partnership, limited liability or even at your home it should be a legal entity that must be registered within your country. It has been observed that in certain circumstances the business registrations are even required on state levels. Don’t run a business without getting it registered or it may cause problems for you in future.

1. Once your business structure is established choose the type of registration i.e. how you wish it to be registered e.g. on partnership, limited liability company, corporation or as a sole proprietorship.

2. Choose a name for your business.

3. File a DBA by contacting the city department of business and obtain the occupational license.

4. Collect the paperwork you need to submit to complete the registration process of your home based business by contacting the secretary of state. Tell them the details of your established business and type of registration you are intending to do for your business so they can guide you with the procedures and requirements.

They will also let you know whether your business needs to be registered with federal or not.

5. Obtain the federal tax identification number by contacting the IRS for your home business.

6. In the last you need to register your home based business with the local zoning department to obtain the permit to operate your business from home. An inspector will be send to your home office for the inspection to make sure that your clients will not be constantly visiting your office for which they probably require information of your clients too.

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