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Presentain Online Presentation Software toolPresentain, allows you to add your presentations online, which gets saved into the cloud and becomes accessible at anytime from any part of the world through your Smartphone. Moreover, it does not only allow your audience to access your presentations through their devices but also keep them on the same page while you are presenting live. Asking questions during the session, take part within market research/activity, send requests such as follow-ups, sharing the slides socially are the key features of Presentain. It doesn’t ends up here, as the best feature is recording of your voice through your Smartphone device while you are presenting to the audience, which gets saved for you to access it later for publishing along with the slides.

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How it Works:

  • Create your profile, fill in the required information and connect Facebook, LinkedIn & twitter.
  • Add your presentation by uploading a PDF presentation or import one from Google Drive.
  • Download the iPhone  or Android app.
  • Once the app is installed you will need to add your device to your Presentain account by inserting the code generated by clicking on the option add a device.
  • As your device gets connected the presentations will be available on to your Smartphone device.
  • In order to play the presentation you will be asked to insert the generated code to your Presentain account by logging on to the website so that your presentation shall remain secure.
  • The presentations can be shared with the audience via QR code and a custom URL.


Founders: Neek Kurat & Dmitry Gritsenko


Status: Beta Accessible on Requesting for an Invite

Apps: iPhone  | Android

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