Now Enjoy Playing Super Mario Bros in Full Screen

One of those stories that can cheer a Sunday as this is, of course, announce that we have available a beta version to play Super Mario Bros from the computer.

Thanks to HTML5 and the initiative of an individual can enjoy Super Mario Bros from the same browser, without charges, without ls facilities and opportunity to enjoy the 40 screens of one of the most legendary games of world of consoles. The controls are simple and the game works with the arrow keys for movement (WASD or if you prefer this option) and SHIFT to speed. Additionally, the game includes an editor for us to create our own levels or let’s play random maps.

Also worth mentioning that the browser game creator, Josh Goldberg, has released the game code in GitHub for us all to take a look, edit, improve or just experiment to our liking.

Mandatory for fans of retro games like this live a little moment of nostalgia and for anyone a good time on the keyboard in those dead hours passing through Sunday. To play now, click this link.

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