Naming Your Startup or Product / Service

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Certainly naming your startup or product is one the most difficult part and is frustrating too especially when you keep on typing the words within domain name search bar of Enom or GoDaddy. Upon every click of the return key you hope that it shall return a message Available” and makes your life easier but usually it doesn’t turns out to be this way as most of the commonly known words are already occupied.

Therefore, I’m listing down couple of easy steps to help you with the process of naming your startup.

List down all the words which are related to your company, product or service. Enter the words you’ve listed one by one and pick up the results which inspire you. Log on to,,, Urban Dictionary’s thesaurus function and The Free Dictionary’s Idiom Search or if you have an iPad you can even use Wordflex.

So now you have a good collection of words related to your startup or a product. Well now you shall start arranging these words in an order that you shall get a hint of a name. It can also be done by using

However, you can also use Portmanteau technique or use for the purpose to generate a unique term such a Groupin. Portmanteau means putting up two or more words together to come up with some new term with a combined definition. Perhaps my suggestion would be to try out also which generates rhymes.

Keyword Search Tool can help you find the words which people are searching on a local as well as global basis. Pick a term of your choice which somehow relates to your startup or product and then try inserting the term into to get several related popular search terms. This method is quiet successful in terms of search engine optimization. However Google Algorithm named Penguin do penalize your site if it’s over optimized.

Make sure your selected name isn’t taken already. In order to save your time you can use services like or to check your desired name across the social networks, blogging platforms and many other platforms.

Once you find your desired name is available, pitch it to your friends, colleagues and family members along with describing your product to see do they also agree with your selection. If you receive positive replies then you should occupy it before you lose it to someone else.

Have some additional tips on naming a business or a product, send it over and I’ll include it within the existing tips.

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