Microsoft launched Office iOS version for iPhone users

Microsoft Office iTunes app ios iphone icon

microsoft office powerpoint slide view iosMicrosoft has finally introduced an iOS based office app only for the iPhone users. The app can be downloaded from iTunes for FREE. However in order to use it you will require to buy Office 365 subscription which will cost you $99.

Another thing which is quiet important to be brought to your knowledge is that currently its only restricted to United States users. Moreover, the app allows you to view and create new file of Excel & Word whereas for PowerPoint you can only view the file but cannot create a new one.

free microsoft office for iphoneThere are couple of debates running around some forums these days that if Google Drive allows to create a new spreadsheet, document, presentations then why one should buy Office app from Microsoft.

However, the difference compared to Google Drive will be some additional features which comes with Microsoft Office for mobile such as Cloud, where you can access the documents saved on SharePoint, SkyDrive or pro version of it.

The Microsoft Office is compatible with iPhone 4, 4S, 5 and iPod Touch of 5th Generation and requires iOS 6.1 version or microsoft ios 365

Download Microsoft Office for Mobile iPhone App

Are you going to buy it, if Yes we would like you to share the reason with us. If Not, then do you agree with the debates on forums.

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