List of Related Content Tools for Publishers and Advertisers

List of Related Content Tools for Publishers & Advertisers

I’ve been in the digital marketing industry since past 8 years and the biggest problem that I’ve seen very common among the bloggers, editors or webmasters is picking up or displaying the most related posts. Some display it based on the category whereas some prefer displaying it based on the tags.

Regardless of realizing the fact that in both cases your readers might get a related post which shall be of their interest allowing them to explore more. As a result of which page views of the site decrease along with an increased bounce rate.

Finally, I would say thanks to the technology and those brilliant brains that discovered content discovery engines. These tools will not only helps in providing your readers with more great content from your site but also allows you to display advertisement within the related section. Perhaps providing you with an additional opportunity of monetizing your content.

All the related content from advertisers is usually marked as “Sponsored” with a no follow link so that your site should remain harm free by the search engines and you shall not lose your page rank. If a reader from your site clicks on the sponsored content, you get paid!

Wandering how they work? Well as you sign up with a content discovery platform you’ll be asked to install a widget on your site. Once it’s installed your complete site will be crawled to get the data available on the site. However in the mean while you can set your preferences for displaying the related posts.

I’ve gathered some of the related content discovery engines here:

Zemanta (Related Content + Sponsored Content) (Related Content + Sponsored Content)

nRelate (Related Content + Sponsored Content)

Outbrain (Related Content + Sponsored Content)

Disqus (Related Content + Sponsored Content + Commenting Community Builder)

YARPP (Yet Another Related Post Plugin) (Related Content for WordPress)

LinkWithin Plugin (Related Content)

Do share your thoughts and if you know about any more content discovery tools or platforms do share with us also in the comments section below.

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