List of Free & Best FTP Clients for Windows & Mac OS

For those who are not familiar with FTP or file transfer protocol, it actually an internet protocol which is used to transfer files between your computer and internet. Let’s say you’re installing WordPress on your site, you will need to upload the WordPress files to your server with FTP as it creates a path of communication between your computer and the server where you have hosted your website.

Although most of the web hosting services providers offer free web-based FTP services also to make it easy for you to upload the desired files to the server yet we have collected some of the best free FTP software for you.

All Platforms:

Filezilla is an awesome free FTP clients that supports all platforms. Filezilla is pretty simple to use and allows you to view complete structure of a website its connected with. Moreover you will be able to see the status and responses in textual form received from your server. Lastly, it’s an open source so you can modify the application if required.

FireFTP is for Firefox lovers as the application is accessible only through it. It’s actually a Firefox extension but it has complete functionality of a normal FTP client. Its interface is more like Windows application but the best part of it is client that is browser-based.

Fresh FTP requires very less space on your system. It can only connect to the regular FTP sites via the site manager moreover it does not contain a scheduler however the good thing is that through fresh FTP you can download multiple files from the server very speedily.

For Windows:

AceFTP is claimed to be easy and user-friendly FTP client which allows the user to connect with several servers, concurrently transfer multiple files, integrated file viewer, graphical monitoring of file transfers with very fast downloading and uploading speed.

For Mac OS:

Classic FTP is one of the most basic FTP client and very easy to use. The client does not have pretty interface as the other FTP clients, moreover it allows you to drag and drop files to be transferred between your computers and sever.

OneButton FTP is another basic client that allows you to transfer the file by drag and drop. However, in case of slow internet connectivity or if you are offline it allows to que up the file to be uploaded later.

Cyberduck is another great FTP application but only for Mac OS. There are plenty of features available on Cyberduck such as integration with Google, Rackspace, Cloudfront and even Amazon. Although Cyberduck is free but some options are available only on the paid account which is available for $23.99. The best feature which is saving multiple FTP configurations for an easy re-connection.


There you go with the best free FTP clients for Mac, Windows and other platforms. Using some free FTP client which you think is good enough to be included in the list above, be sure to leave a comment below and we will add it in the list. However, not all suggestions will be added as it really needs to stand out to be included in the list.

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