2017’s Ultimate Guide of Link Building by 17 Renowned SEO Experts!

Got a blog with decent number of posts and an inspiring design, yet the published posts are not ranking higher in the search results?

In competitive niches such as medical billing, finance etc. not only following the best practice for on-page optimization will allow you to rank higher in search results but your site also needs to have quality backlinks. Post Google Penguin algorithm update it’s all about quality not quantity.

Google keeps on updating its search ranking algorithm in order to make sure that the searchers may receive only quality results.

Definitely you would be searching around for backlink building strategies and might have come across wrong suggestion such as guest posting etc. Yes you read it correct, Wrong! Listen to what Google’s Matt Cutt says about Guest Blogging.

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To help you get on the correct path for link building I’ve curated an ultimate list of more than 70 tips, strategies and tools that will help you improve your site’s search rankings. This list covers all the aspects of link building starting from basics to content marketing, case studies and strategies in an organized way.

Link Building Guides

These awesome guides published by Moz, Quick Sprout, Backlinko and Search Engine Watch covers almost all aspects of links building for beginners as well as experts.

Strategies for Link Building

Although these are not recently published strategies but you will find the following strategies super awesome published by amazing people. These link building strategies were published with respect to post Google Panda and Penguin algorithm update.

Link Building Case Studies

These are some really interesting and out of the box case studies through which will enable you to create

Best Link Building Strategies

In the following articles you can actually find really amazing strategies shared by the industry experts for building up quality backlinks for your site. These are mashups of case studies, discussions and experiences they earned.

Must follow: Link Building Blogs & Forums

You must be following blogs and forums in order to keep yourself update with the recent updates and changes occurring in major search engine in order to keep your search engine optimization strategies up-to-date.

Tools for Link Building

You’re done with the guides, strategies and case studies so now it’s time for the action; the following list of free and paid tool for link building, competitors backlinks analysis will get you started based on what you’ve extracted from the above listed resources.

Although you may not be requiring all the tools, however in my opinion you should try out all of these to be well aware of their functionalities.

Free Link Analysis Tools

Premium Link Analysis Tools

  • Ahrefs – this is the best tool in link building, you should try this out!
  • SEMrush – a must have competitor analysis tool.
  • Alexa – not only site’s ranking and performance but you can also quick browse through the links pointing to the site.
  • Link Prospector – actually helps you identify the links that shall help improve your site’s ranking.
  • MozPro
  • Raven Tools
  • Wordtracker
  • Link Research Tools
  • Ontolo – to improve your content marketing and link building campaigns.
  • cognitiveSEO – a premium SEO tool.
  • ScrapeBox – Best tool for link harvesting.
  • Market Samurai – Good for keyword analysis.
  • URL Profiler – desktop based software for content and link auditing.

Happy Link Building! 🙂


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