Install WordPress Locally on Mac with Xampp

Apple Laptop with Wordpress logo

WordPress is a content management system that has brought excellence to the internet by bringing web content development to non-technical users. Installing it on your Mac computer will allow you to test numerous plugins that developers have released, before putting them online. To make this task easy for you we will explain in detail how to install WordPress locally on a Mac.

1. First, you need to download the free software and open source Xampp . This application offers essentially the server and the database, essential to run WordPress.

2. Despite everything included, this program installs as easy as the rest of the Mac. As you double click a new directory called, Xampp already appear on our Applications folder other.

3. Inside, you can find a small application (, to start the web server and the database manager.

4. Now you have to download WordPress, ideally always download the latest version in an archive.

5. Once you have all the programs and files, start with the settings.

First, create a database for WordPress. To do this, you type in the browser ‘http: // localhost / phpmyadmin “.

As you click on the menu that says ‘Databases’ and it will ask for a name, and encoding, where you need to choose ‘utf8_general-ci’.

6. Enter the name of your database, and now it will set up WordPress .

In the address bar of browser type, ‘http: // localhost’. If all goes well, the setup page of WordPress should appear where you need to give the name of the database, a prefix for the tables, along with the administrator name and password.

7. With this, you have completed the process of installing Local WordPress on Mac. If the operations are prevented because of the permissions at the time of some configuration then you probably need to change the permissions of config.php and make it writeable to complete the installation process.

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