Infinity Augmented Reality: The Possibilities are Endless

Infinity Augmented Reality real time responsive interactive software Infinity AR based out of New York, USA enables viewing the real world with its augmented reality software with the help of Audio Visual and Digital Images over a smart phone, tablets or a digital hardware device such as an eye wear like Google Glass.

Using internet services the software identifies and displays the content to the user in real time which includes facial detection, location acknowledgement and voice and sounds recognition, communication data such as phone and chat.

Augmented Reality is not limited to this only but also includes Phone, SMS, Email, Social Networking functionality, GPS & Navigation system, Movies & Events and much more.

How it works:

Driving GPS Navigation Infinity Augmented RealityLet’s imagine you’re wearing a pair of digital glasses and driving your car the AR technology’s GPS integration will navigate you through your destination along with giving you safety alerts on the way not only limited to this but you will get to know the details of landmarks, building and details about each and everything you see through your eyes.

It’s more or less similar to a gadget which you might have seen in the movies such as Iron man and Terminator. To get more details about the technology see the demo video.


Co-Founder: Landenberg


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Status: Not public yet

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