Ideas to use Google+ as an Educational Tool

Google+ has changed considerably since its beginnings with constant updates, thus enhancing their functions and characteristics … they can become interesting educational resources.

Given the combination of the different features of Google+, I discussed some ideas to consider as teachers and teachers to implement as an educational toolkit.

Improve communication between teachers and parents by organizing interaction through the circles (e.g., segmenting by subject teachers, groups, courses, etc.) or through private communities, we can find a quick and practical way to enhance communication between pairs and encourage parental cooperation.

Do group work among teachers. Many materials are usually combined in the curriculum, requiring teachers from different classes work together on projects. Through the creation of events or Hangouts, we have different tools for real-time collaboration to work in teams.

As news boards. We follow different criteria, for example by creating a community for a particular course, or for a project that is being developed. You can announce upcoming tasks, schedule changes, important news, etc.

Gather information. In Google+ we can find an interesting variety of users, segmented into different professions, ages, countries. We can use this feature to enrich our knowledge and gather information of interest through various options, such as surveys.

Constant feedback. The communities have opened the door to a wealth of information interesting oriented ICT in Education, where we can share and learn about the work of other teachers.

Record interviews to supplement our curriculum. Through Hangouts can record interviews with different users or references that apply to our stuff to share with our students.

Field trips and excursions.  We use the “Party” to create an Event found on Google Plus, to automatically save all pictures from the field trip in one place, and involve parents and teachers who have not attended.

Inclusion of non-hearing children. ‘s Hangouts feature free apps that allow non-hearing people in the same group without losing the conversation.

Create special classes. Platform can be used to teach special topics such as photo editing, how to moderate a community, how to create a professional profile, etc.

Tutoring or online support. Combining the different options that we have discussed, we can use Google+ to assist the questions or concerns of students, spending a few extra hours in the week.

Create solidarity initiatives. Through a page or a community, we can carry out a joint proposal with our students. For example, conducting an awareness campaign over a given problem.

And the list could go on, since Google+ has incredible potential as an educational tool that can simplify the dynamics of our educational work and give a creative twist on the way to expose our curriculum.

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