How to use Instagram for Marketing your Business

How to use Instagram to market your business

How to use Instagram to market your businessInstagram, a mainstream platform used by millions of users for photo sharing, which has been bought by Facebook back in April, 2012 has approximately over 100 million active registered accounts. Instagram has been used by the marketers to promote the products / services based on the visual appeal such as clothing, interior designing services, cars etc.

This article will introduce you with Instagram and will guide you on how to promote your products / services on Instagram.

 About Instagram?

October 2010 a mobile app for sharing photos, videos has been started by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger was named Instagram. It gained popularity to such an extent that they finally launched the web version in 2012 to make the interactions possible between mobile and web users.

Moreover, for advance level integration they provided API for the developers, which help them to built great experience of content strategy for owned and earned media with Instagram for their users.

What to share on a Corporate Owned Media?

Well the content which has been shared by the companies and pushed to their audiences in known as an owned media. It is always suggested that photos or videos shared by your brand should ideally compliment real photos or videos more than those which has been reposted. It may require you to ask your social media crew to take snap shot of the work space environment using their smart devices (phone or tablet) to let your followers or customers know how cool you guys are because Instagram also work good as a tool for recruitment. You can easily find some big brands who have setup their accounts on Instagram for this purpose only.

While uploading a media on Instgram you shall not forget the following points:

  • Adding caption based on valuable information
  • Adding Hashtags and Geo-tagging of the media
  • Promoting it over other social platforms via Instagram.

Engagement is the key for proving worth of your business so I suggest you should encourage your users to provide their feedback over it. Don’t hesitate with the negative feedback; try to tackle them properly as they’ll help you in improving.

How to get an Earned Media that shall work for you?

Content which has been sourced from the social media audiences is known as earned media. Instagram does not have a sharing button over the media such as Facebook have or in twitter which you might be familiar as re-tweet. However InstaRepost, an app for iPhone and Android users allowing them to repost the audience sourced media on their official feed.

How to use Earned Media?

Well you can follow these simple steps to reuse the earned media for your brand.

  • Generate a Hashtag of your brand campaign also try either mixing it up with your brand name or using your brand name Hashtag along with it. Use it along with every post you make over social networks. Keep it uniform over all the social platforms.
  • Get a separate dedicated page to showcase these media contents.
  • Host a contest for your followers and reward the best participant based on the media you receive but make sure to do it only with those which contains your brand name Hashtags.

This will not only engage your existing followers and users but will also help in fetching more followers and fans for your brand.

Some good examples of Instagram marketing campaigns could be explored here covered by Julie Blakley.

Try it out and do let me know your feedback over it, else if you have any further suggestion to be included within it, feel free to contact me.

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