How to make a PR plan

In order to achieve best results in the media you should set the objectives and develop a clear plan for it. Usually PR activities require recognition and flexibility for the things to change along with the time. However, it is suggested to plan for initial six months with an expectation of revising it after three months while considering full year ahead.

Following factors can surely make your PR activities successful for your company, if taken in account at a premature level.

Assess & Plan
Consider reviewing your last year’s PR activity on the basis of metrics.

  • Were you able to attract the media for your business last year? If so, what really worked in achieving that and what didn’t?
  • List down the entire journalists who reported about your business.
  • List all the coverage your business received regardless of neutral, in your favor or negative.
  • Compare the results of your activities with your competitor’s progress.

Keeping your business objective in mind, develop a media message that should reflect your achieving intention, which will become your communication activity too for the year ahead.

As a final point prepare an attacking plan. Analyze your plan from a journalist’s perspective to see will it be of interest for an investor or a customer? Classify the media opportunities such as new addition in product line or offering of a new service, expansions and create a calendar to list such events.

Don’t forget putting up your objectives and goals within your plan, so that you should be able to evaluate your success all over the year.

Tools & Strategy
It’s time to mull over the activities that will help you in achieving your objectives.

  • Create a calendar for releasing the news for the whole year. It may needs revision with the passage of time but you will stay focused on generating news with its help.
  • Build up a database of journalists & publishers. Create a list based on the worth of the contact with their details that can help you in reaching your target audience. Now schedule the media outreach time on your list to get in touch with each contact individually for introducing your company.
  • Editorial Calendars can also help you in getting tremendous coverage. Present yourself as an expert of the industry and contribute an article. List editorial outlet and start contacting them at your earliest as majority of them have deadlines for their publication several months ahead.
  • Contribute articles to newspapers, research magazines and website to generate an exposure and to be recognized as an industry expert. Don’t forget to make sure that your contribution shall contain your key messages.
  • Develop case studies as they propose a tangible example of your product or service benefits. It always requires customer contribution, so ask them to share their success stories with you as it will also give them a chance to shine along with you.
  • Become speaker or member of a panel discussion in research conferences or webinars.
  • Use blog & social media to interact with your target industry. Remember, that all the material published by you will be widely available to the online audience, who may not be agreeing with your point of view.
  • Crisis planning is the most essential part of your plan, which includes all possible negative scenarios that could occur along with the appropriate responses to them from your end. Make sure that each member of your organization shall be aware of the crisis procedures; get some time to run a test to find out any flaw in your plan.

Now you would be able to develop a PR strategy for your business that will help you in generating new ideas to excel your business along with a peace of mind. However, PR plans require changes along with the timeline but to uphold your focus and stick to your goals you need to plan ahead.

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