How to Improve Alexa Rank Quickly

How to Improve Alexa Traffic Rank Quickly

Just like you, almost every site owner wishes to have higher Alexa rank as it does not only helps in understanding that how well the site is performing but also helps in generating business, which I’ll explain later. However, before going into the depth, if you have no idea of what Alexa is, then carry on reading from the first heading.

What is Alexa Rank?

Alexa launched in 1996 with an aim of providing analytical insight to everyone on the web over the websites from all around the globe. Alexa offers traffic-ranking stats, a directory of sites, search engine and a toolbar. Enter the domain name into the search form to see the traffic ranking of the site, if the site’s traffic ranking is under 100,000, you will be able to see the graph, or else the graph will not be available however still it will tell you the global and local ranking of the site.

How does Alexa gathers the Data?

According to Alexa, the traffic rank is based on three months aggregated historical traffic data collected through the users who have installed Alexa toolbar on their browsers, every site that they visit is recorded. More than 25,000 browser extensions include Alexa in it, which millions of users are using daily. In addition, the data is also gathered from those websites where webmasters choose to install Alexa script on their websites.

Why Bother about Alexa Ranking?

Because the Higher you rank

The more you Sell… Alexa rank is found to have an influence over the potential clients or advertisers who are willing to work with you.

Generate traffic… daily hundreds and thousands of visitors land on Alexa to find top sites based on category / country, so ranking matters a lot.

Gain followers… heard of first impression is the last impression, every visitor that comes for the first time actually looks at couple of things which includes Alexa rank also in order to decide whether the places he or she landed is valuable or not. If the answer is Yes, you got a new follower.

Submit / Claim your site on Alexa

The process for claiming your website or blog on Alexa is very easy, simply go to Alexa and enter your site, upon clicking, continue you will be asked either to login or register if you haven’t already. Alexa provides you two options for verifying the site:

  • Place the Meta verification tag in the <head> section of your site.
  • Upload the file to the root directory of your website.
  • Once you have performed any of the above-mentioned method, click on verify.

Verify Alexa Meta code

If your site gets verified successfully, a message will prompt allowing you to continue editing your site’s information, where you will be able to add title, description, upload logo and select the primary country etc.

Update Site Information on Alexa

Download Alexa Toolbar for Firefox, Chrome, IE

Each visit of yours own on your website makes a difference so don’t forget to install the Alexa toolbar on all the browsers you use on the computer by visiting the Install Alexa Toolbar section. The Alexa toolbar for Firefox, Chrome & Internet Explorer comes with traffic rank, related sites which are similar to the one you are visiting and way back to find out how a site use to look in past, features.

Adding Alexa Widget to Blogger

Replace with your website URL in the following HTML code below, copy and paste where you wish to display the Alexa widget on your blogger blog.

<a href=””><script type=”text/javascript” src=””></script></a>

Alexa’s WordPress Claim and Certify Plugin

Claiming your WordPress site has become a lot easier with Alexa Internet plugin. Download, install and activate this plugin on your WordPress site, go to Alexa and enter your site’s URL. Select the Meta verification method to get your verification ID, copy it and paste in the plugin and press update. Click “Verify my ID” on Alexa. However, if you have already claimed your site on Alexa then you don’t need to repeat this process.

Now to certify the metrics for your site, go to Alexa dashboard, login and press the Get Certified button. Copy the code, paste it in the plugin and click update. On Alexa, click “Scan my Site.”

Now comes the most interesting part of this article…

How to Improve Alexa Traffic Rank Quickly

As mentioned by Alexa, traffic rank depends over three months aggregated data collected by browser plugin or script installed by the webmaster on their sites. Therefore, I’ve asked earlier to claim your site, install the browser plugin on the computer that you use and embed the Alexa traffic widget, so that even if your site’s visitor doesn’t have the browser plugin still Alexa counts the visit by collecting data from the widget installed on your site.

However, there are many traffic exchange or auto surfing software running online such as HitLeap, 247AutoHits, WebSyndic etc. but  I will not recommend you any of these as mostly such sites just waste your time with no or very little return. Below you can find couple of tips and tricks to improve your Alexa ranking fast.

FREE Ways to Improve Alexa Traffic Rank

– Share content of your site over social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Stumbleupon, LinkedIn, Reddit etc.

– Participate in discussions over forums and try sharing your content as a valuable source for help seekers.

– Join groups on Yahoo, LinkedIn etc. for niche-based discussions, which helps a lot in generating loyal followers.

– Contribute on Q/Ans sites such as Yahoo Answers, Quora etc. and share your content as a reference for driving traffic to your site. There are hundreds and thousands of Q/Ans sites over the web in different languages.

– Pin your site’s images to Pinterest.

– Become contributor by guest posting on other blogs, this will help you driving traffic from particular blogs where you feel your target audience has a presence.

– If you have a blog use comments hosting services such as Comment Luv, Disqus etc.

Advertise to Improve Alexa Traffic Rank

– Promote your articles using services like Outbrain, Disqus for targetted audience in order to improve your Alexa rank in a specific country.

– Decrease your global Alexa ranking by doing paid promotion of your site’s content at Stumbleupon.

– Promote your images i.e. pins over Pinterest

– Promote your tweets on Twitter with defined geographic and audience profile.

– Boost your posts on Facebook and directly make interested audience land on to your website.

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