How to Track Adsense for Subdomains in Google Analytics

Google Analytics Tracking Subdomains for Adsense ClickGoogle analytics allows you track your earnings generated through adsense ads placed on your blog or website. It’s a great feature to get a better understanding of which content is performing best for you and which is not so that you can improve monetization.

However, I came across this issue that Google analytics does not track the adsense activities of your website when you have the same analytics code placed over subdomains of the site, separated through filters in the website profiles.

If you also have the same issue probably following steps will surely be helpful for you.

Step 1: Make sure Google analytics is working fine for all subdomains and the main domain.

Step 2: Just remove the following line from the analytics code placed over all the subdomains and the main domain.

_gaq.push([‘_setDomainName’, ‘’]);

I hope this will help you in tracking your adsense clicks & impressions to analyze what content is working for you best.

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