How to get a Verified Pinterest account

Verify Business Account on Pinterest

Verify Business Account on Pinterest

Pinterest recently introduced a feature of verifying an account for its users, who do have a website. Visitors for all the verified accounts will be able to see a to tick mark sign on the profile and next to the website name even in the search result.

In order to get your account verified by Pinterest you may need to follow the steps mentioned below:

Step 1:

Sign in to your Pinterest account. Click on settings, in the right corner just under your username.

Step 2:

Enter your website URL and click on “Verify Website.How to verify account on pinterest

How to verify account on pinterest
Step 3:

Copy the Meta tag generated for you by Pinterest.Pinterest Meta Code to Verify Account

Pinterest Meta Code to Verify Account
Step 4:

Paste your Pinterest Meta tag between and section of your website.

Step 5:

Save the changes made in the HTML section of your website and go back to Pinterest to verify your website.

Step 6:

Click on “Click here” to complete the process of verifying your account. Upon clicking the link Pinterest will check for the Meta tag in the section of your website to verify it.

Step 7:

By now you would be able to see a success message by Pinterest confirming that your account has been verified. A check mark will appear on your profile page and within the search results.

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