How to Create New, Edit or Delete Labels in Blogger

Having a categorical structure on your blog is important, as it does not not only keeps your content organized but also makes the navigation easier for you visitors. In blogger i.e. BlogSpot these categories are known as labels.

Managing Labels in Blogger

Here I will give you a walk through on creating, deleting, and editing labels in blogger.

Creating a new label

While writing a new post in blogger editor you can find couple of options available in the right side bar among which you can see labels at the top. Click on labels and a dialogue box will expand where you need to insert those labels, which you are willing to assign the new post.

Create new label for a post in blogger

Assigning a Label to multiple posts in Blogger:

Step 1: Go to the list of posts in your blog.

Step 2: Using the check boxes select multiple posts.

Step 3: Click on the label button and select the desired label or create a new label to assign it to the selected blog posts.

Manage Labels in Blogger

Editing a Label in Blogger

Sorry to say but there isn’t a way to edit a label on blogger like the way it’s done in WordPress. However, there is an alternative way available for doing this.

Step 1: Select the label you are willing to edit from the right top corner of the dashboard.

Step 2: Select all the posts under the label by clicking on the select all check box.

Step 3: Create a new label or assign an existing label to the posts selected.

Step 4: Unselect the old label.

edit labels in blogger

Deleting a Label in BlogSpot

Interesting thing with the blogger is that if there is an unused label it is removed by its own. Therefore, if you wish to delete a label in blogger make sure it is not selected for any published post.

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