How to create Facebook offers for Local Businesses

Facebook offers is available only available for the pages listed as retailers i.e “Local Businesses”. Its quiet beneficial for small businesses to drive traffic from Facebook using offers on their clicks or bricks store. An offer does not only help in driving traffic to your store but at the same time that traffic gets converted into actual consumers.

An Offer is actually is a discount coupon created by the admin of the page and shared with Facebook users which they can claim to redeem through an email confirmation. Offers usually looks like a page post which can be promoted via ads also to maximize the reach of it. However, as a user claims an offer the story about it is shared in the news feed which actually maximizes its reach.

Facebook offers are only available to the pages which are classified as ‘Local Businesses‘ and do have more than 100 fans. Therefore make sure it’s categorized under local businesses or else re-categorize it by going to “edit page” and changing the category of your page.

Steps to Launch an Effective Offer:

Facebook Promotional Offers
1. Click “Offer, Events +” on your timeline and choose “Offers“, which could be found adjacent to “Status”.

Facebook Fan Page Offers
2. Choose the redemption option you intend to offer your customers.

Facebook Offers Redemption Method
3. In case of “Online”, don’t forget to link the offer to your company’s website landing page that shall provide detailed information regarding the offer. Moreover you can provide the redemption code here itself also to track the performance of your marketing channels.

Creative Facebook Advertisement Captions for Offers
4. Facebook offer description allows you maximum of 90 characters so pick your words very carefully such as % of discount, Limited, Exclusive etc.

5. Based on your targets and objectives set the redemption limit of the coupons and an expiration date.

6. You can provide your terms and conditions or a bar code regarding the offer in the field of terms. However, if the terms are lengthy then it is suggested that you may specify a link in the field point to a page containing details on your website.

7. Preview your offer by clicking on next and Facebook will also send you an email to take a look at what the users will be getting. If you feel like it’s good to go live click next or else click back if you wish to make any changes.

8. Choose the budget you wish to spend on this offer, the estimated reach will obviously increase as the budget increases.

9. Use targeting option for promoting it to specific niche or a smaller group of users.

Make sure your offers must follow Facebook Terms, if you’re having any trouble with creating an offer get connected to Facebook team.

Promoting your Offer via Ads gives you an opportunity of developing your ad strategy before the offer is claimed. The great thing here is that you’ll be able to get more potential customers although you won’t be able to see each of those who have claimed the offer but you can see the type of people claimed it based upon the targeting.

Offer works the same way as of your page post so it’s up to your choice whether you wish to go with Sponsored Stories or Standard Facebook Ads.

Make sure to target the users properly ask yourself who will be interested in viewing your ad and why will they claim the offer, geo-targeting is often important e.g. if you’re offering redemption in store then your ad should only be visible to the users who are in the same city or area as of your store’s location.

Post-Offer Analysis

As your offer time period finishes, look at the data collected due to this campaign and analyze how many users claimed the offer and how many redemption were done, if the number is different try finding out the reason for it.

If the response rate was less than what you’ve expected then try finding out answers for the following questions:

  • Was the Offer unappealing?
  • Was your targeting strategy correct?

However, if your offer went successful try running such activities on your page to keep the users engaged and returning. It would be great to hear about your offers and return you’ve received over it, do share with us below.

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