Great Online Content Marketing Ideas to Make it go Viral

Perhaps you might be aware of some strategies for marketing content online but I’ve listed down all the amazing ideas I’ve came across, shared by random experts with a hope that they’ll be beneficial for you.

Idea #1: Create perfect content, thinking what does that mean? Perfect content contain couple of characteristics which includes well organized, based on real time, obsessed with fact, curated and audio / visual. Browse the most popular content based sites of the world and you’ll be able to find the above mentioned characteristics within all of their content.

Idea#2: Focus over building up a content that shall resolve your target audience issues because if your content is helpful for your customers, your company probably do not need to invest much over its marketing. The customers will share your content through adopting different methods.

Consider you don’t have an access to social media it’s just your customers who got it, give them a reason to share your content, you’ll probably get an answer of what to be given after reading this.

Idea #3: Try 67% of the content you share on social media shall be the content which does not belong to you rather attracts your audience where as 16% should be informative content and 16% should be some offer related to sales or some product updates.

These numbers are not hard quoted but it’s used just to explain the concept.

Idea #4: Stop repackaging and Start re-imagining. According to Ann Handley every story based on the channels requires reshaping according to the particular persona.

Idea #5: Stop investing over the content strategies that don’t work now as regardless of how efficiently you work on it yet you won’t be able to gain much benefit out of it.

Idea #6: In big organizations you won’t be able to find a specific content creation team rather you’ll find vacuum based on the segments such as email, advertising, social media, human resource, PR & corporate communications. Due to which not only duplication of content arises but also some content you’ll be able to find which doesn’t fits at all with the company’s brand story telling.

In such scenario a weekly meeting is highly recommended as it will help everyone keeping on the same page to avoid duplication of the content and to align story according to the corporate brand.

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