Google Official WordPress Plugin for Publishers

Google has released an official Google Publisher plugin for WordPress today morning as announced at Webmaster Central blog. Plugin is released based on the several requests to Google by WordPress user who wanted to work with Google products in an easy to use way.

The current version of Google Publisher plugin support 2 products of Google i.e. Adsense & Webmaster tools. The plugin will make it easier for you to get access to Google service without leaving your website.

Google Adsense Support:

The plugin will link to Adsense account with your WordPress site after which it will become easier for you to place ads across your site without manual changes of the HTML code.

Google Webmaster Tools Support:

Get the detailed reports about your site and pages visibility in Google search. Moreover get your website verified in Google with just one click.

Sounds cool huh? Well you can download the plugin by visiting the plugin directory at or through making a search in your WordPress dashboard’s plugin area.

Not to forget that this plugin is currently in beta version and Google team is working over it to make it better based on the feedback they’ll be receiving. In case if you face any problems while using the plugin they are there to help you at the Help Center.

Some Screenshots of Google Publisher Plugin:

 Accessing your Google Adsense and Webmaster Tools account from WordPress dashboard.


Placing an ad slot to your site, you can also create different placement for each page using this plugin.


Check the layout of your page with Ad areas according to the flow of your content.


Preview the example advertisements served by Google Adsense with your content.


I am certain the WordPress based site owners will surely find it very helpful, did you?

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