GoldenHour One – App for Magic Hour Seeking Photographers

GoldenHour One is a brilliant app for all those who loves photography as it shall show you the location of the sun with estimates, possible quality of photos based on the weather forecast and reminds you beforehand.

Blue hour is the most favorite of almost every photographer since it allows you to take the best shots. GoldenHour One solves the biggest problem of finding the blue hour which takes place at different times. Sun usually is somewhere else on the horizon, rises and sets at different time however the whole event lasts at different time but not anymore thanks to GoldenHour One.

Features of GoldenHour One app:

  • When the golden hour begins and how long it will last.
  • Quick reminders to make sure you never miss the event.
  • The app will tell Sky index and Light index.
  • Pick any location through map and it will show you, where the sun will set in morning or evening.
  • Indicates the right place to take the picture for proper composition.
  • Weather indication with estimated chance of a good photograph.
  • Sky Index, shows memorable photograph of a sunset or sunrise.
  • Light Index, shows quality of light during the golden and blue hour.
  • 5 days forecast so you should be ready beforehand.

Website: GoldenHour One

Twitter: GoldenHour One

Clock, All necessary info on one screen.
Clock, All necessary info on one screen.
GoldenHour.One for iPhone & Android
Maps, Best places for your shots
GoldenHour.One for iPhone & Android
Weather, Go for a trip when is a good chance for your photo.
GoldenHour.One for iPhone & Android
Reminders, Never again miss a chance for a great photo.

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