Get Paid by Turning your Smart Phone’s Locked Screen into a Billboard with Get Locket

Get Locket is a smart phone app launched for Android devices yet with an aim to change the way mobile advertising is. According to Get Locket team, they think that the locked screen of the phones is one of the most valuable spaces for advertising.

The one thing which I found interesting about the app is that the brands will pay to the viewer rather than paying it to the publishers. Make sense as brands have to pay either way then why not the viewer to view the ads of their choice.

Get Locket shows you on an average 5000 ads each day on your smart phone, every time you unlock your screen you’ll be able to see an advertisement there.

How does Get Locket work?

Well it seems like pretty cool thing according to a heading on their website Swipe In” & Cash Out”. Yeah well to get engaged with the advertisement you need to swipe it to left side whereas swiping right will unlock your phone and take you to the phone operations. However, in both ways you’ll gona get paid as the advertiser has occupied your locked screen and that what you’ll be getting paid for, cool isn’t it?

Get Locket Mobile Advertising on Lock Screen

Founders: Yunha Kim, Paul Jang, Christopher Crawford and Kaushik Pendurthi

Investors: Great Oaks Venture Capital and three rockstar Angel Investors.


Apps: Android | iOS (not available yet)

Status: Live in Beta

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