How to Get Google Adsense Account Easily Approved Fast

Among the other available ad networks for publishers Google Adsense is the most popular one due to its high return against to clicks and impressions. Because of this Google Adsense gained hundreds and thousands of publishers.

Among these publishers the black sheeps were there also who got the accounts approved and actually robbed the advertisers through fake clicks. Basically due continuous violations of terms & conditions and policy of Adsense it became pretty difficult for almost everyone to get new accounts approved by Google Adsense.

However, if you follow these guidelines I am pretty much sure that you can get through faster, very easily and legitimately.

Eligibility Criteria for an AdSense Account

Make sure you’re 18 or above

According to Google Adsense terms it is mandatory for you to be 18 years old or above. Make sure not to misguide Google at any stage while providing information for an account approval.

Have a Website

You should have a website of your own in order to get an Adsense account. If you don’t have one, you should go and buy a top level domain rather than signing up for a Blogger account to get a free blog.

Website should be at least 6 months Old

Make sure the website based on which you are going to apply for Adsense account should be at least 6 months old. If it’s less than six months most likely the chances are that your application will be declined.

Things to do before applying for Google Adsense account

About Page

It is one of the most important page on any website that helps in developing trust of your website visitors and get them introduced to you and your website.

Contact us page

Giving an access to your website visitors so that they shall be able to reach you reflects that you actually care about them. Don’t forget to mention your correct name and email as this also helps the Adsense team while reviewing your site for an approval.

Create a Privacy Policy page

Regardless of what type of site or blog you got, now it has become one of the requirement for every Google Adsense publisher to have a privacy policy page on their website. I created one for myself from here, you can also get it from there.

Remove any Other Ads placed on your Website

If you have any other ad networks placed on your website, it’s time to remove them. Although Google Adsense allows you to display ads from other networks while displaying their ads but it is highly recommended to remove them unless you don’t get your Google Adsense account approved.

Say No to Paid Traffic

Make sure you do not get traffic from paid networks not only the search engine but Google as a whole hates it and won’t allow you to be part of their network.

Content Guidelines

Number of Posts

My advice would be to have at least 40 to 50 posts on your website based on minimum 500 words. This is not something clearly mentioned by Google Adsense but I learnt it with my own experience. This helps in attracting more advertisers to place their ads on your website whereas lack of content surely means a few or probably no visitors on the site. Ask yourself would you like to advertise on such a website?

Type of Content not allowed

Be cautious while publishing content on your website because this is something that really matters. Google Adsense does not allow content related to content and even links to such sites which are made for:

  • Online gambling or to give traffic to gambling sites,
  • Contain copyrighted material without licensing,
  • Contains pornography, violent or hate speech, hacking or cracking, illicit drugs,
  • Sales or promote the sales of:
  • Alcoholic products,
  • Tobacco,
  • Prescription based drugs,
  • Weapons,
  • Student essays or coursework
  • Counterfeit goods
  • Sites that are made with unsupported languages.

If your site contains content is related to child online privacy policy act you are required to inform Google Adsense about it using this link.

Filing up Google Adsense Application

  • Signup using your Google account
  • Provide the website link where you wish to display the ads.
  • Select the language in which your site’s content is available
  • Agree with the terms of Google Adsense by clicking on continue.
  • Select the country in which you are willing to receive your payments.
  • Select the time zone based on which your account’s report will be generated. (Preferably the same time zone as of your country)
  • Select the type of account Individual or Business. (Note depending over the selected country and type of account Google may require the tax form from you see details here)
  • Provide the same name as of your bank account title. Google handles up to $2000 transaction through Western Union if your payment is above than that you will be sent a check based on payees name.
  • Provide complete address and phone number. Initially Google will send you the verification pin code using the address you have provided.
  • Tell them how you heard about them and choose the email preference for tips and suggestion on improvement and product updates.

Placing the Temporary Ad code

If you have followed all the instructions provided above you should not have any problem getting approved for an Adsense account. The initial approval takes around 24 to 48 working hours, which means that you can create and start placing ads on your website.

Make sure no more than 3 ad link units and 3 text/display ads are allowed on a page.

Verification Pin Code by Google Adsense

Google will send you verification pin code on the postal address provided by you as your account reaches the verification threshold i.e. almost $10. It takes around 2 to 4 weeks of time to receive the verification pin code depending upon your location. In case if you don’t receive your pin code even after a month or so see the guidelines to request for a new pin code.

Unless the verification pin code is not entered within your adsense account the message in red bar will keep on appearing as shown in the image below.

Google Adsense showing Blank Ads

Google Adsense verification pin code sent by mail.
Google Adsense Verification Mail Envelop adsense verification pin code mail

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