Facebook Identity Verification for Pages & Profiles; Does it Really Matter?

facebook verified checkmark method tips tricks for profiles & fan pagesFacebook introduced verified pages for celebrities, businesses, and high profile people around the world to lend their pages authenticity so that user shall be able to differentiate between authentic and fake pages. For the time being the verification facility is only available to such pages which are in a high risk of impersonation.

Facebook verified pages contain a small round shaped blue color icon with a tick mark in white color. The symbol could be found at these place of the site:

  • Sponsored stories
  • News Feed
  • Right side of the page name
  • Mouse over on the page’s name

It seems to be an expedite process just the way it was at Twitter, according to Facebook’s official statement there is no sign up process or no applications or requests are entertained for getting a page verified. However, few big brands received the verification by approaching their representatives.

Hence, its believed that Facebook will be verifying pages just the way twitter did for profiles, those who are eligible will be verified.

Why Facebook Started Verification of the Pages?

Real time content broadcasting source is an answer to the question why Facebook started verification process. Although Twitter is currently known to be the leader within real time content broadcasting but Facebook is preparing itself to compete Twitter within the same grounds.

You might have observed recently in the past Facebook introduced #Hashtags, Subscribe, Content Lists & Threaded replies. It will encourage the high profiles who are actively using Twitter to use Facebook for doing the same activates which actually there are doing there.

We’re hoping that it will become comparatively more appealing real time content broadcasting source than any other due to its new features and a huge number of active users although it would take time.

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