Exactli, Collaboration Platform for Designers

Exactli, Collaboration Platform for DesignersThere are different platforms for work collaboratively at different stages of the work of a designer. Exactli is one of them, which is presented as a simple and practical option to consider.

With a minimalist interface, Exactli us access to a workspace where we can upload our designs projects for review collaboratively. Whether you wish to have the opinion of our peers and we are working with a remote computer, we find that this platform offers a simple way to communicate without too many options that can distract.

To use this service, you just have to create an account. The dynamics are very simple, we climbed our design from our team, we give a title and create a link to share. Persons receiving this link, you can see our design and let their appreciation of the project. An interesting detail is that it can be positioned on the design who wish to leave a remark, that the note is recorded at the point which we refer. We can repeat the review process as many times as we deem necessary.

If what you need is to have the opinion of a customer, we may also use Exactli for this purpose. No need to create an account to view the project, or to leave comments, just to have the link.

How it works:

  1. Select and upload the design for review
  2. Invite your collaborators as reviewers of your design
  3. Review the work together and markup your designs
  4. Download the reviewed files

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