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London-based startup,, allows you to find and contact people you wouldn’t be able to reach using conventional methods. Entering an online world already populated by giants such as Twitter and Facebook, the startup takes a different approach to communication and does away with all the social noise associated with the existing platforms. It also has many commercial implications, with its features supporting monetary exchanges and the sale of both information and services.

In essence, the whole point of is to facilitate meaningful and productive communication and to ensure that any individual, from around the world, is effectively able to contact anyone he/she wishes to. While the core model is not really unique, if it is done properly, it can open many possibilities.

How it works:

Suppose you want to contact any famous personality who is out of your reach. You can log on to and search for the person you want to contact. If the person is already on the network, you can simply pay the asking price and send him/her a message. If the person is not on the website, you can set a bounty (money) on that person, which will paid to him/her upon signing up. Commission earnings are made by people who convey your message and bring people you seek onto the network.

Furthermore, you can make billboards on the website in order to sell your life experiences and knowledge. For example, if you are a Social Media expert, you can sell your guides, tips and tricks using your billboard and earn money for your knowledge. Likewise, people can sell their life experiences the same way and earn money by telling others how to do something they have already done.

To see how this all works, watch the demo video.

Professional Networking real life experience marketplaceFounder: Rocky Mirza


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Status: Active in Beta Version

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