Deactivating All Plugins when WordPress Dashboard is not Accessible

Deactivate All Plugins when WP-Admin is not Accessible

Sometime the things go wrong due to conflict caused by the plugins installed within your WordPress site. Therefore, the experts suggest to uninstall all the plugins and re-install them one by one to get better understanding of which plugin is actually causing the problem.

In some cases while uninstalling the WordPress dashboard gets locked. Did your WordPress admin panel got locked while you were trying to deactivate the plugins and now you are unable to access the admin area of your WordPress site?

Well don’t worry there are two ways of doing it one with phpMyAdmin and other requires you to access your FTP.

Deactivate plugins through phpMyAdmin

1. Login to your cPanel and access your phpMyAdmin
2. Go to wp_options table.
3. Locate active_plugins”
4. Click edit and update the value to a:0:{}

Deactivate plugins through FTP

1. Access your website’s server through FTP
2. Go to wp-content folder.
3. Find and rename plugins folder to something else you like.
4. Now go back and try to access your WordPress dashboard if the error was due to plugins, now you should be able to login.
5. Once logged in now switch to your FTP and rename it back to plugins
6. Now go back to your WordPress dashboard and activate all the plugins one by one to figure out which plugins are causing the problem for you.

I hope you have found it very easy to uninstall all the plugins without accessing WordPress dashboard after reading this article.

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