Collect Customer Feedback via Text Messages using MessageTheManager

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Message the Manager made it possible for the customers to send their feedback and ideas to the businesses via SMS.

Charles actually planned to replace the traditional suggestion boxes and comment cards with this service as almost everyone in the world has a cell phone now. It allows businesses to receive real-time feedback and suggestions from the customers. It does not only allow businesses to deal with the problems and issues but also helps in ensuring that the customers leaves happy.

There is almost half proportion of unhappy customers who do not provides the feedback rather walk off and post negative feedback over social media. This is due to the fact that many businesses use the data collected from suggestions or feedback as their marketing lists.

MessageTheManager ensures that all the text messages sent to the businesses shall remain anonymous to avoid the case mentioned above.

How it Works?

Once the businesses sign up for the service, they receive a unique number along with an access to their own online dashboard. As the customer sends a message to the provided number it will be delivered to the online dashboard from where the manager cannot only read but also can respond to it.


Collect Customer Feedback  Ideas via SMS using MessageTheManagerFounders: Charles Cridland


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Status: Live

Good for: Restaurants, Takeaway Outlets, Hotels, Gyms, Retail Stores, Coffee Shops & Pubs and any other type of B2C businesses.

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