Azendoo: Online To-Do List & Collaborative Task Management Solution

Azendoo online teamwork & collaboration community

Azendoo online teamwork & collaboration, an application which took the teamwork to a new level by integrating Evernote, Google Drive and Drop box. It helps you in saving your time, which usually gets wasted due to sending/receiving emails or phone calls, finding documents and creating lists of to-dos. Moreover, you can create personal alerts also such as birthday, meeting etc. along with keeping an eye on various projects in one go beside tracking everyone’s performance.

Regardless of what your company size is, Azendoo is designed in such a way that task management shall not only become social but should also save time and money.

How it Works

  1. Sign up & create a profile
  2. Create or Join a Subject
  3. Invite your team to join you
  4. Start conversation
  5. Create To-Do list
  6. Share tasks
  7. Get the information on your Smart devices by downloading the iOS & Adnroid apps of Azendoo



CHRISTOPHE GAGIN (Head of Product)




Apps: iOS | Android

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Status: Live, Sign up for FREE before 12th July, 2013

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