AdSense Direct by Google, Sell your Ads Directly to an Advertiser

A new tool launched by Google today, Adsense Direct which allows smaller publishers to sell their ads directly to the buyers. DoubleClick for Publishers was there which supports was not easy to use for small publishers.

However, it seems to be a good move by Google to help small publishers but on the other hand services like iSocket and BuySellAds got direct competition with Google. According to my perception they may lose customers who already have Google Adsense accounts as this feature is only available within Adsense.

Why I think so, the reason is popularity of Adsense and its functionality of programmatically choosing ads based on user’s interest and the content available on the site.

This service launched by Google is currently available to the users in U.S only, where Google will be charging 15% commission from all direct sales transitions. It’s not necessary for the advertiser to have a presence on Adwords, the publisher can provide a link to the advertisers where they can upload the creative and pay for the advertisement.

There are no limits over the impressions serving however the maximum duration of a campaign can last no more than 90 days.

If your site is already popular among the advertisers then this tool is probably pretty much helpful for you compared to running basic Adsense ads on your site because Google will itself suggest you a price for the campaign you set up. According to a research it has been observed that publishers charge around 2.5 times of what standard contextual ads earn for them.

You can share your thoughts on Adsense Direct below 0r let Google know about it by posting them here.

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