Adding Extra Line Breaks or Vertical Space in WordPress

How to add a line break in wordpress manually or via pluginsThe issue with WYSIWYG editor is common all across, it could be found even in Drupal also, that means it’s not only in WordPress. You need to keep this in mind that by hitting return without shift gives you a paragraph where as if the return key is pressed along with shift it always gives less space.

Just recently a friend also told that he even tried giving a few additional line breaks also but no success as that doesn’t shows up. Therefore, I decided to write this up for others also.

Getting a Line Break using Plug-in

  • Istall Disable Visual Editor WYSIWYG plugin.
  • Activate the plugin after which you will be able to see an option of disabling the visual editor, when you’ll be on a post or page dashboard.
  • Download and Install TinyMCE Advanced version
  • Download and Install Text Control plugin for your WordPress as it comparatively provides you much more options.
  • Get WP Post Columns for your WordPress blog as it allows you to easily create columns by using short codes. According to a notification in WordPress plugin section this plugin has not been updated since past 2 years though it works fine.

In order to learn getting 2 line breaks manually in WordPress follow these steps:

  • Place the following code in the HTML mode i.e. Toggle mode in WordPress
<div style="margin-bottom:2em;"></code><code><span style="display:none;">.</span></div>
  • You can always amend the size of line break through CSS margin tag.

Moreover, the <br> tag also works fine for this purpose. If you have place the br tag in the HTML mode as you’ll switch to Visual it will disappear but will be working accordingly.

Hope this will help you in adding extra line breaks or vertical space in WordPress.

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