7 Tips for Generating leads from Social Media

Generating leads from Social Media

There are two topics that everyone talks about but few dominates, ROI and LEAD. If we bring these issues to the world of Social Media (it becomes Social Media ROI and Social Lead Generation), where the risk of crashing is close to 100%. Therefore, we are usually very reluctant to talk about these things with pompous titles, but a good post persuaded me to explore the topic, after which I came with these 7 tips to generate leads by Social Media:

1. Use the conversion pixel in your Facebook Ads with the objective of maximizing returns and perform A/B testing.

2. Analyze user behavior from Social directly from Google Analytics (Acquisition> Social> Conversions). It is a good way to measure the migration of traffic and conversions to your project by the Social Web

3. The relationship between lead generation and “rate of humanity,” the management of the site and principals (conversation, not broadcasting!) Is directed and tested. One way to increase the perception of users that the brand is really “one of us” is by giving most of the management of social business into the hands of the employees, train your men and be vital to achieve good results in terms of Social Conversions.

4. Before we talk about interaction in conversations and lead nurturing, you must be sure that the company knows by heart the sales funnel, or at least the process of acquiring customers, some questions may be helpful: such as how customers are being procured? Which Social Network there has more interaction? What actions ensure the best results? Are inserted call to actions present in the post? The contents are tested or offered directly?

5. Cultivate the problems, and if possible go to the bottom off line. Consider social media as a starting point and entry of a discussion, which is useful and profitable. When someone asks you for information, try to turn these into engagements and debates, where he sees the opportunity, take the conversation off-line to give your user the feeling of being listened to and taken care of. A human voice very often will do more than one message on Facebook.

6. Do not think from the perspective of direct lead “from the I love sale”, try to produce infographics, and books, checklists, articles of “how to” on the blog. This content will help a lot to build a community of users may be interested in your brand and product to turn into customers and purchases at the appropriate time

7. Focus on your goals and draw more (here is a good guide to the UTM ) Recalling that each instrument (the twitter cards , the call to action to google plus ) has its own specific

I hope that these tips and especially the links will help you a lot contained in the various useful areas, looking forward to your ideas!

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