5 Ways on How to Make Your Brand a Success Using Instagram

How to Make Your Brand a Success Using InstagramInstagram is a super craze especially because almost all are online always nowadays. Many smart phone users are connected via the Internet wherever they go. With one click of the camera shutter on their phone screens, they can easily add filters on to enhance the photo and share it directly to their friends. With this concept, businesses have gained the idea that marketing through Instagram can also be applied. In this article, we will talk about how you could effectively boost your marketing strategy holistically through Instagram.

Tips on How to Make Your Brand a Success Using Instagram

1. Post High Quality Photos

It does not really matter if you do not use your smart phone camera to capture the photos you want to share in Instagram. There is no rule in that. You can use better cameras such as DSLRs and the point-and-shoot cameras which have higher specifications and those that produce pictures with fine details. Then upload the pictures from your photo library. People will be more in awe when they see these quality photos than those crappy ones. Aim to be on the popular page to get more views and ultimately more people to be driven to visit your website.

2. Don’t Spam with Marketing Content

As a marketer, do not think that Instagram is only a tool to advertise your latest products, service and offerings. People in fact are interested on what’s happening behind the scenes. Let them feel that the user behind that Instagram account is also human. Populate your feed with real experiences that relate to your business and not just promotional posters of events all the time. Take real shots and add interesting captions to attract people to view your profile.

3. Do Communicate

Instagram is considered a social networking site on mobile phones. It is a way to also connect and interact with prospect and existing customers. With a growing size of followers, you should not stop engaging with them by responding to their questions and fun comments. They will for sure appreciate your words and shout-out. Set aside time to do this or hire a social media manager who can do this for you. If it gets difficult to answer the same questions, you can announce in a photo that all their concerns will be answered by a post in your blog. Then use this scheme to increase visitors to your website. Include conversation every time and make them excited with the two-way traffic relationship established in Instagram.

4. Know the Trends

Instagram, like Twitter, uses hash tags to make topics trend. In the app itself, you can search for the trends and what your target market usually uses when they post photos. These are most likely the things they are interested in. Consider that Instagram users are different from those on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other social media. For instance, while Pinterest has members who have large interest in crafts, baking and bard recipes, Instagram has many users who share bard they eat, Mother Nature and fashion. Relate these popular trends to your business and test the waters to know which are effective.

5. Create Online Competitions

Everyone is psyched to join competitions to receive giveaways and rewards. You can set up your own competitions through Instagram. When you cannot specify the entire mechanics to the caption of the picture you post or the poster or picture you share, lead the followers to your blog. Have them follow both accounts and tag your username on Instagram. This will eventually give you an increased number of potential followers.


Building buzz to market in Instagram may sound easy but it can also be hard. Since your competitions may be striving to achieve the same thing, your challenge here is how to become unique and stand out from the rest. All people want to be winners so the key is to make them feel special and provide content they will find most amusing.

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