3 Ways to Optimize Your Blog in 2015 for Search Engines

If you have created a blog for your company’s website, hoping to boost the rankings, you should know a few things that will help your site. Not doing some of these things may also hinder your site.

Please take a moment to read these suggestions. While they may not make your blog rank in the number 1 position, they will definitely help you to be found by visitors, which is always good for traffic, leads and sales.


You already know that you need to have content on your blog. But do you know that you need to update your content on a regular basis? Most companies are unaware that old blog content may be holding its site back. Keep adding fresh. Use your writings to engage visitors. Provide relevant content that will help them, or provide an answer they are looking for. Also, include a hook for the next article, so visitors cannot wait to come back to your site. Your content should be epic, and don’t fall into the trap of just publishing frequently in hopes to accumulate long-tail search traffic. This was working in 2011, but not so much now, according to MultipleStreams.org.


Once you have an idea for a blog post, take the time to do some research on keywords that surround your topic. You can use Google’s Keyword Tool for this. When you write the content, make sure that you use the top rated, relevant keywords in your blog. However, do not add these words in unnecessary places, which is known as keyword stuffing. Use your keywords in natural places. Also, add links to your blog. But again, don’t overdo the links, or your blog will appear to be spammy. Spamming could get your site banned from search engines, which causes you to lose any type of rankings with the search engines. Also, your visitors will not appreciate reading information that feels spammy. Those who visit your blog are looking for easy to read content that makes sense and flows well.


Including relevant images to your blog will not only be visually appealing to your visitors, but it will provide another place where you can include keywords. You can add the relevant words in the title of the image as well as in the description of the image. Visitors are able to use image searches in the major search engines, so by having high quality photos – use a web design tool for this – with the proper keywords on your blog, you can potentially bring in new traffic. Additionally, by offering eye-candy on your blog, you will have repeat visitors. Those visitors will also be more likely to share your site with others.

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