27 Proven Strategies to Increase your Website Traffic in Less than 30 Days

Comment on Blogs

Find such blogs where you feel your target audience is available and leave meaningful and insightful comments on the relevant posts in order to build credibility.

Message Boards

You might be thinking that you shall not get return by including these within your strategy well you are wrong here. However, message boards are around from several years yet they are quiet effective in driving traffic to the website, you can easily find millions of message boards online.

Optimize for Search Engines

It won’t be wrong if I say that Google is the largest traffic referral source for the website till today. Optimize your website properly as it will help you rank higher in Google, Bing and Yahoo which means ultimately guaranteed increase in the traffic.

Start a Blog

If you haven’t yet, you should start a blog immediately under your business domain name whether on a directory or a sub-domain level. Blogs help in maximizing your reach, which results in generating business lead.

Google Local

Submit your business to Google local so that when users search businesses within Google, your business shall appear in the result pages.

Submit to the Business Listings

List your business with local business directories to help your drive more traffic such as Yelp, Yellowpages etc.

Take Advantage of Social Media

Use Facebook pages to give updates about your business and offerings, Twitter for communication and Google plus collecting reviews about your business from your customers.

Guest Blogging

Become a guest blogger on blogs that operate within the same niches as of your business.

Generate Case Studies

Get your satisfied customers to talk about your products, what was their problem and how your product or service helped them.

How tos

Using your blog as a platform, publish posts that shall help beginners to solve their problems using your products or services.

Become a Speaker

Try to become speaker in the conference related to your business industry as it will not only help you branding your business or personal branding but will also help in generating business leads that you will be able to convert easily.

Run Affiliate Program

If you are short on marketing budget start an affiliate program to get others market your products for you and shall be paid only when the sales is made.

Give Answers

Sign up on forums and question answer websites to help potential users who have posted questions or started threads related to issues that your product or services could solve.

Give Rewards

Ask your existing customers to refer new customers and against to that reward them.

Video Tutorials

Create video tutorial on popular video websites such as Youtube, Vimeo, DailyMotion etc. Videos mostly rank very well in the search engine results, which shall help you in generating more leads along with occupying more position in search results while pushing your competitors downwards.

Offer Discounts

Announcing discounts over your website or social media usually does not drives in good results however, if you offer steep discounts through Groupon, Livingsocial, it shall surely help you generate business.


Be creative and develop infographics to provide the solution to your target audience using your products or services. Publish inforgraphics to your blog or make it downloadable from your site after collecting the lead’s information, submit to Stumbleupon and Pinterest for referrals.

Get the Press

Make the media speak for you by although it’s very difficult to draw media’s attention towards yourself however if you manager to the results are tremendous.

Become a Podcaster

Create podcasts and promote them through your blog or podcast directories.

Sponsored Tweets

Promote your products or services through sponsored tweets, it’s an easy to target potential leads on twitter.

Boost on Facebook

Put a minimum budget with your posts and boost them on Facebook to maximize your page and offerings reach.

Promote on Pinterest

Promote your pins on Pinterest by uploading an awesome click of your product put price on the image and list down the benefits within the description section. Pinterest these days is the largest referral source for the eCommerce industry.

Create Slideshows

Prepare your product or service presentation and submit that to Slideshare, don’t forget to select your keywords strategically as slideshare ranks pretty well within the search engines.

LinkedIn Ads

Promote your products on LinkedIn as almost 85% of any organization’s decision makers have presence on LinkedIn, which could help you generate good leads.

Google Adwords

Compile a list of such sites where you can find your potential customer as well as presence of Adsense. Make sure not to leave behind search network, choose your keywords strategically.

Find Experts to write for you

Get industry experts to write for you as once they contribute on your blog definitely you shall be able to gain credibility among their followers.

Build Relationships in Blogosphere

Develop good relationships with the bloggers who blog on same niche as of your offerings. Offer them something complimentary to use as if you manage to get review about your products or services free of cost leads will start diverting your way.

Back in 2009 I did this for Logoinn where almost more than 50 bloggers review our services against to complimentary logo design which resulted in more than 400 customer in a month time period.

Live Chat & Good Customer Support

Most of the business owners don’t realize how important and beneficial it is to have live chat on your site as it can help your conversion by nearly 40 percent if used properly. Similarly good and prompt customer support will help you generating word of mouth which helps in driving more and more referrals.

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