15 Tips to Build up & Grow your Email List really Fast

Social media helped marketers and bloggers to distribute and amplify their content for gaining the attention of users, which actually started the competition of gaining more connections among the bloggers and email marketing was somehow forgotten by the majority. However, later it has been realized that the most important tactic of content distribution is forgotten.

If you’re a blogger I recommend strongly that you should not ever ignore growing your email list as a part of your marketing strategies. To help you in growing your email marketing list I’ve compiled some tips below:

Tips to Grow up your Email List

1. Increase Email Subscribers by Guest Posting

Getting the traffic to your blog is the key to grow your email list if you are starting a new blog, guest posting can be a good tool to pull traffic on your blog. How? Well where you are intending to get your post published make sure the site has good traffic which shall be your target audience too, keep the following points inline and surely you will gain new subscribers.

2. Popup Box

Show the up box using the bounce  exchange or some other similar service which can track the mouse trail of the visitor and shall show the popup as the reader is about to close the tab or is about to leave it. The popup box shall contain an offer with an action plan to get them subscribe to your list.

3. Opt-in Email Box

It’s a proven way of increasing the email list; however its placement plays an important role here. Try to keep it above the fold so the visitor shall come to know about it with scrolling down the page. Placement of opt in email boxes below the fold has been observed less effective compared to the one placed on top nearby the navigation.

4. Make an Offer

Give some incentives to the users who are getting subscribed to your list maybe an eBook or some template or a tool which could be useful to them and is unique that cannot be found elsewhere. Make sure the copy of an offer should be strong enough to convert the visitors into subscribers.

5. Give Free Videos

If you don’t feel like writing an eBook try creating tutorials using video as it has been observed that people like viewing videos more compared to reading the textual eBooks.

6. Host a Webinar

Webinar is a very effective way of collecting the email list as it requires users to register for it. Promote your webinar through social media, paid advertisements and ask your social network / fans to help you in promoting it so you can get more users for it.

7. Put Call to action in your Videos

Use annotations to put a call to action in your videos through which you should be asking the viewers to subscribe to your email list.

8. Offer Free Giveaways over Social Media

On social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter etc. try running a contest or offer free giveaways to your fans and followers which will help you in accelerating your list building.

9. Use Social Media properties

Integrate email collection form on your Facebook page, why miss that?

10. Collect Emails from Slideshare

Get the premium version of slideshare  as it offer you to put a popup box which will not only help you in collecting email addresses through your presentation but rather will help you in getting leads also.

11. Subscribe link in Signature

Put your email subscription link within your email signature so that whenever you send an email to anyone the probability of getting a subscriber should be there.

12. Use Hello Bar

Put the email subscription link within the hello bar which usually you can see on top of the webpage.

13. Tradeshows or Seminars

Perform an activity for collecting email subscriptions from the industry related trade shows or seminars, become part of such activities to become a familiar face within your target audience.

14. Conduct Surveys

Create surveys periodically and promote them in your network it’s a pretty nice way to built up the email list. I personally conducted a survey where I asked users to pass their email ids if they wish to get the results of this survey. It doesn’t only help me in getting email list but also they marked me in safe list.

15. Encourage users to Comment

Yes, encourage your readers to post comments on your blog it will not only help you in building up an email list but also your pages will show the engagement level to the new visitors.

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