10 Rules for Creating a Perfect Blog Post

Perfect Blog post


Be creative while creating title of your blog posts because if the title of a post fails to attract the readers regardless of whatever value you are providing within the article it will be useless. Therefore, play around with the words, think out of the box, create such headlines that shall create curiosity among your readers to open it.


Select contextually relevant images for your post as it helps you to generate good number of visitors from search engine, social media and even email. It has been observed that posts with attractive titles and good quality pictures have higher CTR compared to those which contains good quality titles but poor or no images. Getty Images offer royalty free images for bloggers, check it out.


Try to provide your users with such internal and external links that shall help them in getting more value through your blog. This helps both users and bots to discover the content across your website along with increasing your blog’s page views while decreasing the bounce rate.


Try to publish posts that are error free and shall not contain any spelling, punctuation or grammatical mistakes this will not only help readers to understand properly but will also make your blog look professional.


Make it easy for your readers to understand by explaining them in as simple as possible way. Try to use less technical language along with unnecessarily stretching the post.


Try not to steal content and ways of presentation from others rather offer uniqueness to your readers in both ways. Moreover, don’t forget that plagiarized content can get your blog penalized within the search engines.


Always finish your post by calling your readers to perform an action, which could be sharing their feedback through comment or something else as per your desire. Try to keep your readers involved and interact with you.


Always reply to the comments that you receive over the posts regardless of negative or positive feedback as this will not only help you increase engagement on your blog but this will also make the contributors feel that you care about them which ultimately results in building loyalty towards your blog.


Insert social sharing buttons at the beginning and end of your post to facilitate the content sharing, which will help your posts to get more exposure.


Last, but not least, try to buildup an editorial plan and follow it, try to post more regularly rather than posting once every two months. Consistency means a lot in blogging, let’s say you post every Monday and Friday, your readers will get habitual to it and you will observe a lot of direct traffic during these days.

If you don’t follow a plan it becomes difficult to gain following so try to stick to your editorial plan while keeping all above mentioned points under consideration.

These are my 10 rules for creating a perfect blog post,

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